Greek Gave Me Life.

All of my life I was surrounded by my parent’s friends from college and their kids. My dad was a Kappa Alpha Order at Arkansas Tech University and my mom was a Southern Belle to Kappa Alpha Order while she was in college. Naturally as I grew up I was surrounded by men and women that all had one thing in common, a bond like no other, Greek. These men that my father called his best friends not only were a huge part of his life, but they were also a huge part of mine. These men taught me that though life throws you curveballs that you never seem to expect, or the slightest bit prepared for, friends and family are what get you through it. In my dad’s case, his brothers stayed by his side through all of it. I was raised knowing, that whatever happened to my parents in the future, I wouldn’t have to worry about where I would end up. Someone who loved my parents, who loved me, would be there to take care of me.
                So let’s back track a little bit. My mom and dad were affiliated with the same fraternity, I bet some of you inferred that KA is where they met, and you would be right. They dated in college and it didn’t quite work out, but years down the road, watching a Razorback basketball game, my parents ran into each other again. Well you know how the story goes, boy likes girl, girl acts like she doesn’t like boy when she really does, blah blah blah. Well they got married and had me! The greatest child that made all their dreams come true! (Sorry Eric it wasn’t a secret I am the favorite) 😉 Just kidding!!  But when I really think about that story, I think about how they met. How my parents just happened to be affiliated with the same organization that is 150 years old this year. I think about what if they hadn’t been in the same organization. Where would I be? Would I exist? My parents are amazing people and they have guided me in the right direction my whole life. God has been the center of our household as long as I can remember, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, the same goes for Greek Life. I was raised watching the effect it had on my parent’s lives after college and on mine. So for those of you that think I pay for my friends, I don’t agree with you, and frankly I never will.

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