Why I’m glad I bowed down to the Crown.

I decided to rush because I saw how it impacted my dad and his life after college, but what I didn’t know when I paid that recruitment fee in June was that I was going to go through the most fun, exhausting, stressful, and rewarding week of my life. Going into rush I did the top three thing, but tell everyone you are “open minded” thing all the girls do. I thought I figured out which sorority that I was supposed to be in based on alumni I knew, and the reputations that I had heard about the sororities through older friends that went to the University of Arkansas. I had a rude awakening at the end of day one of recruitment. They take away all technology so that you aren’t tempted to try and talk to a girl you might know in house and all these other crazy reasons I thought were dumb at the time. But now looking back on that week, taking away my phone was the best thing that they could have done for me. I was forced to make decisions for myself, and grow in my faith that God was leading my “gut feelings” to make the right cuts. In the end I found that Zeta Tau Alpha was my home.
            Zeta Tau Alpha in just one semester has been everything I could have asked for in a sorority, and more. My sisters make me feel accepted and loved, something that I had been looking for most of my days in high school, and most importantly they inspire me every day. Some of the strongest Christians I know are members of the fifth link. These girls pick me up and brush me off when I fall and I can bet you five that if I go through a breakup, at least five will be dragging me to Chicken Finger Friday to pig out on our glorious mashed potatoes that everyone knows I’m obsessed with. If I am struggling in school, I have 400 girls behind me encouraging me that I can make it, and then I will probably have another 50 asking if I want the “super great review” they found yesterday for the upcoming test. The girls inspire me to be the best I can be, and to put my best foot forward every morning, because not only am I representing myself, but I am representing them and the many great successful women that went before us. My sisters have been there for me when I was having a horrible day, feeling insecure, and when I’ve been sick. These 400+ girls are not just girls. These girls are my sisters and I know I can depend on them to be there for me no matter what. When I pledged Zeta Tau Alpha back in August, I didn’t realize that this organization was a whole lot more than a service “club.” Zeta Tau Alpha is a sisterhood that will have a place in my heart now and forever. So thank you Zeta babes for being the best thing that has ever walked in my life.

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