I’ve got friends in low places.

No one is perfect and I know this first hand. We are all thrown into this big armpit called life and it stinks. But, along the way we have people that help guide us through it. When my life began I had my parents to help guide me, I still do. But, now that I’m in college navigating my way seems harder than it ever did before. It is a part of growing up. Sometimes I feel like I have it all figured out, and I might even act like I do, but in reality I don’t. I am a strong-willed person and with that comes stubbornness, which in turn makes it hard for me to listen to advice sometimes, but what I love about the people that are in my life is that they know this and they love me anyway. They give me advice, give me a hug when I need, or hold me when I need to cry, but if and when I don’t listen they still have my back. I was raised to make decisions for yourself, and to make the mistakes that you need to make to grow up and mold you as a person. My mistakes have done, and continue to do just that every day. So thank you to all the people in my life that love me for all my imperfections, and comfort me in my low places. As far as I am concerned, perfection is overrated.


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