8 Things to Do as a Freshman in Fayetteville

#1: Hiking at Devil’s Den.
Arkansas is known as the natural state, and it doesn’t take anyone long to figure out why. Fayetteville is blessed to be close to a park named Devil’s Den with cliffs and caves that will take your breath away. So while it is warm, advisably in the fall while the leaves are changing, go    hiking at Devil’s Den. The hike isn’t super long so even the least outdoorsy person would be able  to go on this fun adventure! Besides if you go with a bunch of friends you can take artistic   pictures when you go!
#2: Flowers from the Farmer’s Market.
Faytown is home to some of the coolest local artists and boutiques of Arkansas, and many of the merchants come out to the farmer’s market every Saturday while the weather is nice. The plus to this awesome Saturday adventure is that it is located on the Fayetteville Square, which is located only blocks away from the campus! Oh and when you go be sure to pick up some    flowers to bring back to your dorm to liven it up a little!
#3: Lights of the Ozarks.
The Fayetteville Square lights up at night during the Christmas season. Literally. People from all over the NWA come out to walk around the square and let the enchantment of the lights entice them for a bit. And when you go be sure to stop by the Jamming Java for a nice of hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm on the cold Arkansas night.
#4: Mount Sequoyah.
One of the highest points in Fayetteville, Mount Sequoyah provides a little get away from campus and an opportunity to view Fayetteville in a new perspective. I’ve visited the lite up cross many times to get away from campus for a bit, or to take a study break from finals.
#5: Taco Tuesday.
Growing up in Fort Smith, I was used to having my veggie Steven Special at least twice a week   for a great price. When I moved to Fayetteville it took me a whole semester for me to find a replacement Mexican go-to for my Tuesday night taco, but alas I found one and the restaurant is called Burrito Loco. It is a little hole in the wall that is the greatest secret of Fayetteville. It is three doors down from the popular Mexico Viejo, and it is ten times better. Plus it is cheap which makes me a pretty happy poor college gal.
#6: High Rise.
Located in Rogers, AR High Rise Trampoline Park is one of the coolest Saturday, or even study    break adventures you could ever take. The building houses countless trampolines with all kinds of obstacles that could keep you and your friends occupied for at least an hour or so. Not someone that can do all sorts of crazy flips? That’s okay! They even have a trampoline dodge ball court that is pretty sick to have a tournament with a bunch of friends on!
#7: Wal-mart AMP.
Going to the AMP to see Jake Owen with some of my sisters was probably one of the more fun things I did my first semester at college. I was able to sit on the grass, laugh with my sorority sisters, listen to the music, and take in the fall night while the weather was still good. So if you have a chance to get cheap tickets, go. If you go with the right people you won’t regret it!
#8: Make Memories.
One thing I realized by my second semester was that the food at Brough and the Fulbright dining halls was sub-par, but it was worth using my meal plan, meal trading a lot, and saving my money. Use your money on memories, not food. (Unless it is sweets from Rick’s because those are totally worth it.) Later on you’ll be thankful that you ate at the Hill Grill for a week so that you could go to the concert (or Spring Break) with your friends.

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