Miles away but together in heart.

Today I found myself thinking about my Great Uncle Freddy. Freddy was a simple man, but as I got older I have realized that many could learn a lot from his life. Freddy was always happy, not once do I remember him being upset. He was in a wheelchair for a greater portion of his life, but still nothing but a smile. Now I hate to walk to class, many of my friends know this, but today my thoughts put me in check. Freddy didn’t walk because he wasn’t able to, and if he was faced with the question of walking to class or going in his wheel chair, he would have gladly taken the first option. I am no longer going to complain about walking…. anywhere. Freddy also knew how to love. He knew that at the end of his life his family would be by his side, and we were. Freddy loved all of us very much, and even though Freddy and I only spoke two or three times a year, every time we spoke his smile was radiant and I could feel his love. I miss Freddy more than a lot of people know, and I would do anything to have one last Thanksgiving chitchat with him and hear his contagious laugh. So no matter your circumstances remember that there are others that would love to be in your shoes, and seriously cherish every moment with the people you love. You only get so long on this Earth, so don’t waste your time!


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