The Proverbs 31 Woman

          As I get older I am tested more and more. I am actually tested in school, I am tested in my faith, and I am tested to see how well I can navigate through life. I hate being tested in school, but I mean who actually likes that. I have been tested in my faith time and time again, but after reading scripture and having quiet time with God I pretty much figure out how to deal with the situation. But when I am tested with life I turn to my mom. My mother is timeless, she is classy. She is everything I strive in life to be so why would I not call her?
When I was in high school I never truly appreciated my mom and the decisions that she made, or even why she made them. For example, she has been offered promotions in the past that she didn’t take. Why? The answer is me. Because I heard the phone call, heard Pennsylvania, and had a huge meltdown. Like huge crying, she had to sit and calm me down, meltdown. My mom has sacrificed her career for my happiness. She is selfless, and that is something I work hard to imitate every day. (It is a hard battle.)
          Not only is my mom selfless, but she taught me the importance of a hug at the end of a hard day. My mom has had countless hard days, which usually results in me wanting to have a stern talking to someone. Because she is a strong woman, if you have made her feel anything less than extraordinary you are wrong, and you should know it. But as I said mom showed me the importance of a hug. I honestly believe that a hug could cure a deadly disease if it was a good enough one.

          My mom is timeless. I see pictures of her from her younger days, and her style and appearance hasn’t aged a day. Granted her hair has gotten smaller over the years, but that is just because I always messed it up as a child, I am sure. My mother is the spitting image of a Proverbs 31 woman, and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my momma.



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