5 Things You Don’t Need to Bring to College

Maple Hill Dorm – University of Arkansas
1. Keurig
If you are anything like me you like fru fru coffee. And fru fru coffee is made best at the Starbucks on campus right next to the building with all my classes in it. So I actually used my knock off Keurig to get hot coffee to mix in my hot chocolate marshmallow mix on the snow days we had. Now I have a coffee maker that is sitting idle in my garage. So learn from my mistake, use your flex dollars at Starbucks, and save your actually money to put towards a better mattress pad, rather than a coffee maker that is overpriced and will be ignored.
2. Drying Rack
I thought I would use this all the time like of course I needed a drying rack, what kind of question is that?! But I can count on one hand how many times I actually used my drying rack. I learned it was easier to just put it on hangers and find creative spots to hang them from for a couple hours while my jeans and shirts dried!
3. Brita Water Pitcher
This is something that I actually didn’t purchase, but I had friends that did. If you live in a regular dorm setting (not suite style), then this item is not a necessity. It normally just sat on the counter taking up space, and creating clutter. Most dormitories have drink filing stations in the lobby, get up and take a break from your four hour long Netflix binge and exercise. It won’t kill you to smile at a couple people to get some ice water.
4. T-Shirts
College is literally known for the amount of t-shirts you will accumulate over the years, especially if you are planning on being in Greek life, trust me when I say that bringing just five t-shirts to college at max is almost too many. There is normally a new design up weekly and normally they get printed the week after that.  
****TIP: Put t-shirts into your budget when you start trying to figure out what you can spend where. Normally a short sleeve comfort colors tee is around $16 after tax, and this can add up over the semester, so plan accordingly.
5. A Closed Mind
I know you are thinking well duh, but seriously. College is one of the times in your life that you will see the most random and weird creatures, I mean people, all in one place. God created each and every one of them so try to learn be open minded and less judgmental. Also, people that smile on campus more tend to be the people that have more friends, and the people I like to spend my time with. Positive Mind=Positive Life Peeps. Make this a motto as you walk around on campus!

Are you an incoming freshman or parent of incoming freshman? Have questions about University of Arkansas living? Want to know some secrets that housing.uark.edu doesn’t reveal? Shoot me an email at agmclain@uark.edu or leave a comment below! I would love to assist you in any way that I can, or point you in the direction of someone that might be able to better answer your question!

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