UARK Hacks: Parking

            So you are dying to move in right? You have spent hundreds of dollars and hours of your summer deciding between the different color schemes available at the nearest Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Now you are staring at the pile that has accumulated in the corner of your room, patiently waiting to move to Fayetteville. Trust me everyone has that feeling, but what you don’t realize is that there are things you haven’t thought about yet. Such as your parking permit.
            Parking at the University of Arkansas can be one of the most confusing things ever, but I am about to give you a crash course and hopefully save you a lot of money. Yellow signs and permits are for faculty only. For yellow it is faculty parking only from 7 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday. From 6 PM – 7 AM Monday through Friday, as well as the weekends these parking spots can be used by anyone. Blue reserved can be given to anyone, all you have to do is apply. I have noticed these spots are some of the better parking spots on campus, but I am sure there is a price with that convenience. These parking spots are reserved Monday – Friday normally 7 AM – 7 PM, if I remember correctly.
            Got a scooter? You’ll need a permit for that too. Motorcycle? Yep parking permit for that as well. Mopeds are super convenient and you will see them everywhere. Some buildings you can basically park within a 2 minute walking distance of your class. But the down side is that during the cold months, driving on a moped is about 10x colder. Bringing a bicycle to campus? Great! You actually don’t need a permit for this, but you will need a bike lock, without one your bike could be impounded.
            Living on campus? There are multiple options for on-campus residents. Resident Reserved is actually split up into zones, the zone that you are put in is determined by where you are living. I wish I would have had Resident Reserved. I had a Garland Parking Permit, and since I will be living in the Zeta House this year I will have it again, that was the better parking option for me. But I lived in Reid so to walk to my car in the middle of the bitter cold was quite a trek. So if you have the option do resident reserved. Not only could you park in the indicated zoned lot, but you can also park in any Green lot which is considered Student Parking. Student parking or the green lots, is a cheaper permit to have, but the green lots are normally in located inconveniently, and you have to move your car on game days, because these lots are normally sold as game day parking permits. This brings me to my next topic, game day parking.
            Game day Parking: Football Games – If you live on campus these lots have to be evacuated by midnight the night before a home football game:
Lot 37 (east of Hotz – faculty/staff only)
Lots 42 and 43 (south of Reid – blue reserved and faculty/staff only)
Lot 44 (north of the stadium)
Lot 46 (north of the Inramural Fields)
Lot 60 and 62 (Bud Walton Arena) Garland Garage
Levels B1 and 1 The Meadow Street Parking Garage Stadium Drive Garage
Lots 56, 56B, and 56D
Lot 29 (west of the Pat Walker Health Center)
Lot 27 (west of Animal Science)
Lot 74 (by Testing Services)
Lot 81 (Virginia Street)
If you do leave your car in one of these lots your car will be towed to the Lot to the East of Baum Stadium on Razorback Road.

            These are just a couple of tips that will help you steer clear of tickets for at least your first few weeks of school. Just remember, the people walking around with traffic vests and backpacks are bad news, so stay away, and no matter if you think that you might just be parked there for five minutes, park in a place that you are allowed to. Make a little more time to run your errand, and save yourself fifty bucks, and some time. Goodluck! 

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