UARK Hacks: Move In

Ready for move in? Just so you know it will be all sorts of crazy, and there will be lots of parents and new faces, but here are just a couple tips I put together to make it go as smoothly as possible.

First one, pack in boxes or suitcases. When I was packing I put all of my stuff into boxes. Every box had a category, for example, Bedding, Toiletries, tops, bottoms, that sort of thing. Each box was numbered and then I had a piece of paper that had each number on it and said what was in the numbered box. So I might put my bedding in box one, then wrote it down on the piece of paper as 1. Bedding. Pretty simple, but it saved me a lot of time when moving in. I was able to decide what needed to be unpacked while my mom was there to help me, and what I probably could unpack on my own after we said our goodbyes. Second, pick a different move in time than your roommate. You will want all the space you can get to unpack your stuff, and if you are both unloading all of your stuff at the same time there will be barely any space to move and the room will be super crowded. Next, bring a toolkit and more command stripes than you think you need, as well as extension cords, and power strips. If you are a girl that is rushing you will soon receive multiple canvases that you will want to hang up and cover your walls with. Get plenty of command strips so that when you get the canvases you don’t have to waste any time putting them up. Plus those little suckers can add up quick, so it is best to get them on the back to school special than to get them later. I found the best ones to get are the command strips that are made kind of like Velcro, but instead they click together. I used them all year and never had anything fall off of my walls. Make sure you don’t forget your parking sticker. Your parking sticker is literally your car’s ticket to having a home on campus, without it you will for sure rack up an extensive amount of fines. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and put it in your car as soon as it comes in the mail. Lastly, don’t over pack. If you are joining a sorority you will have plenty of t-shirts to wear there is no need to bring any with you. Your room is smaller than you think and I bet that in two weeks you will be going home for Labor Day to say hi to your folks and tell them how much you love college already. Live in your dorm for a couple of weeks and try to figure out what you have room for. Better to bring it up later, than to come to move in with entirely too much stuff that doesn’t fit in your room. Hope this helps!

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