Surviving the Summer Heat

It is HOT during the summer months in Arkansas! I have always lived here, and every year I scorch my legs on leather seats, although I haven’t found a solution to that problem yet, I have found a solution to my ice melting within five seconds of being outside. I have one word for you ladies and gents S’WELL! These lovely water bottles keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. They come in all kinds of designs and three different sizes. The largest one is even rumored to hold a whole bottle of wine, if that is your sort of thing! They are literally the perfect gift and great to have in your backpack if you are one of the lucky students that gets to walk around campus in August! Honestly I feel that everyone could use one. Tea drinker? Works for you. Strictly water? Works for you. Want hot coffee in the winter time? Works for you too! I have tried all kinds of methods to cool off fast in this summer heat, but nothing really beats having an ice cold beverage. I bought the 17 oz. (medium size) in the Champagne color! But they have so many options for guys and girls. Seriously go get one ASAP! The link to their website is below.


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