New Beginnings

Sometimes we choose to start over. We choose a new job, a new city, or maybe a new wardrobe. Recently I embarked on a new journey in my life. I call it the “Following God’s Perfect Plan.” I have lost some people already, but you know some people are only meant to be in our life for a short time, I guess, I’m really not sure. It isn’t my plan remember? God’s plan is hard to follow, but the key is to not only pray for Him to guide you in the way that He wants you to grow, but for Him to give you peace with it too.
So I bet some of you are thinking, how are you saying goodbye to people close to you and having peace with it? Let me clear that up. Like I said, some people are meant to be in your life for a certain phase, and others are meant to be in your life for the long run. The ones I am losing God didn’t plan to be in my life for the long run. When you realize and accept that God has your best interest in mind, and that He will not lead you in the wrong way, it is very easy to let go. It is almost liberating honestly. You let go, and then you just feel at peace, because once again God’s plan.
Others might be wondering what His plan is for me. That is the best part of it all, I don’t know!! I am having faith in Him, letting Him lead me blind step by step. I really think that everyone should do this. Not just because as Christians we are called to follow, listen, and communicate with Him, but because it is exhilarating! I wake up every morning, take my shower and just think of all the awesome things God might have planned for me that day. I get giddy just thinking about it! Who will He have me meet? Will I have a chance to impact them in some way? Will someone have a great impact on me that day? Or maybe I will just be prepared for a pop quiz and He will bless me with the wisdom and knowledge to pass it! The possibilities are absolutely endless, and for a person that is an hour by hour planner, having a little spontaneity in my life doesn’t hurt at all.  

I would say the hardest part about all of this process would be to not doubt Him. If you are called to do something, don’t ask if He is sure, because I promise you He is. If you are going to live your life in pursuit of God’s plan you must have complete faith in Him, which means no doubting! I would say the second hardest part is how to know if God is asking me to do a particular thing, or not. Which I have found if I pray for a completely obvious, smack in the head of, “Lex do this!” He will give it to me! It is amazing that if you just ask for something, the way He answers you! I challenge every single one of you to listen to God every day. There is this song that my dad used to sing to me when I was little called Today Is Mine, by Jeremy Reed. Today and every day is yours, but remember it is also God’s day too. 

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