To my not so little graduate


So, you said your goodbyes to the high school halls you have run for the past 3 years. You walked out of the school, saying bye to all of the teachers that poured so much time and effort into you each and every day, without even looking back. I remember when you were annoying and my arch-enemy, but now you have become one of my best friends. I’m really not sure at what crazy point that transition happened, but it did. Now you are a God, history, Comedy Central loving political genius, that I can’t wait to see walk across that special stage. But before you go growing up too fast I wanted to share some sisterly advice with you.

  1. Never let anyone make you feel like you aren’t capable of achieving your dreams. I have always thought that my ambition is a good quality that I have, but the amount of ambition you have blows me out of the water. You are going to be the next President and I can’t wait to be there getting Sprite for you during the whole campaign. No matter what believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will.
  2. Pursue God every. single. day. We were raised in the church so I know that this is something that you have heard a thousand times, but you really should take it seriously. In college, and the world, it is so easy to let our focus slip and to get distracted, get plugged into a church college group at the start and stick with it. Make God a priority every single day, and I promise God will bless your life in ways that you could never imagine. 13164468_1335316873150660_6982501800538454837_n
  3. And most importantly, have fun. Live every single day as if it is a new adventure for you to experience, and you’ll never have another dull moment. Stay positive, things could always be worse, and make memories, I can’t stress that enough. College makes it easy to experience new things, meet new people, and have a great time, but don’t forget that at some point you have to tell Mom and Dad your GPA.

I know that you don’t need me anymore to tell you what to do, but it makes me feel like a good older sibling so just get used to it never going away! Haha just kidding, but on a serious note buddy, I am so happy to see the man that you have decided to become, it was a little rocky there for a while. You are going to love college and Fayetteville! The University of Arkansas better watch out they have two McLains on campus now!!


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