The Benefits of Running

According to history, people started to host the Olympic games around 2,700 years ago to honor the Greek God Zeus. Running has come a long way since then but it has one thing in common, it has always been a form of exercise that tests the body’s strength. I have run off and on my whole life. It is something that I truly enjoy. It is not just another workout for me, though, it is the way I clear my head.

Many who know me know that every part of my day is planned out down to the hours or even 30 minutes specifically. At 9:00 AM I might be leaving class and at 9:30 AM I have a meeting, and so on, the day seems to go forever sometimes. There are days that I forget to eat, but what I never forget, hopefully, three times a week, is to go on a run.tunning Sometimes I wake up before the sun and get out there to push through my three miles, or other nights I run until it is dark. But the reason I run is more than just good health, the reason I run is because I spend that three-mile run being alone with God and spending it in His presence, appreciating all of the things that He has blessed me with, including my ability to run. When I feel like walking or giving up and turning around early I fall back on the fact that God is with me, I will not fail. He is my living water, replenishing me every step of the way.

I think that life is just like that three-mile run. Sometimes you are going along just fine and then out of nowhere there is a huge hill in front of you tempting you to give up. I encourage you to not give up, take a drink of the living water, let it replenish your soul and push forward. If you do, you’ll eventually get to the top of the hill and realize that it wasn’t as big of a hill as you had  thought. It was probably more comparable to a grain of sand than a hill, and in that moment you will feel the best feeling in the world; you are unstoppable. 


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