heaven help a fool who falls in love

This past summer I decided to not do summer school while also working at my summer internship, instead, I took a much needed mental break. I decided that I was going to do something worth taking a picture every weekend of my summer. As I had one of the most exciting summers of my adult life, and made so many memories, and so many new friends, I began to fall back in love with life and all of the places that you can go and see in this world. Now don’t misunderstand me I have always loved life, sometimes I wake up in a funk but God has a great way of putting people in your life to remind you of your purpose, and to snatch you out of your funk real quick What I am saying is that I had grown to take my life for granted in the past months, I was walking through my day to day routine just living my life, I had stopped being in awe of God’s creation on a daily basis, which is something that I hope to never fall into again.

Arkansas is full of so many beautiful places and views that you can go your whole life without experiencing if you let yourself. But today a couple of my closest girlfriends and I found ourselves waking up at 4:45 AM to hit the road for an adventure. We are so busy all the time that it is hard for the three of us to find a time that we can spend together to really catch up and spend quality time together. So, we thought outside the box and decided we were going to go on a sunrise hike at White Rock in Winslow, AR just about an hour away from us, that my friend Madison had found.

So at 5:00 AM all loaded up and one stop at Dunkin Donuts later we were on the road! After an hour or so of driving and finding out not all of the path was actually paved (LOL welcome to Arkansas), we arrived at the trailhead just in time to find a spot to watch the sunrise. I was prepared for some pretty views but I was not prepared for what I saw. When I got to the main viewing spot I was literally breath taken as I looked across the trees and valleys below of my beautiful home state. In that moment every stressful thing in the world seemed so small. I was standing in awe of God’s wonderful creation and I couldn’t get enough. No picture could do that view justice, but of course, me being me I definitely tried.

After the sun rose we sat on a rock and just embraced all that was before us, something that I wish that I did more, and enjoyed each other’s company. I decided that I am in love with God’s creation and honestly I’m ready to go on my next adventure as soon as I can. I wish that every day I could go travel and see something new and exciting that would be the ultimate dream. Honestly, heaven help a fool who falls in love….. with God’s creation because there is no other love like it. (And this might get a little expensive…. sorry bank account)


One thought on “heaven help a fool who falls in love

  1. Grandma says:

    Alexa, you know you get that from your Grandma, Dorothy 😄 The fall of the year is a great time and you not live too far from th most beautiful scenes.
    Jasper trip is great. Love you.


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