Spring Break Destinations

If you are tired of going to the beach for Spring Break or being a typical college student going to PCB and Gulf Shores isn’t your style, here are someplaces to go for Spring Break that might tickle your fancy! (Another plus is you can road trip to all of them!)

1. Oregon

CXPN2F Sunrise and penstemon. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon mountain wildflowers

Crater Lake National Park

From Portland to Bend to Medford there are all kinds of places to see in Oregon. Known for its various outdoor activities, Oregon is the perfect Spring Break destination to let your adventurous spirit run wild! Here are some activities that I found would be fun in the Spring!

2. Charleston, South Carolina


With its French Quarter district, cobblestone streets, and southern roots running deep into the soil, anyone is bound to have an amazing time and leave with their tummies full and pants tight. After a little research here are some stops that I would recommend that you make during your stay!

Where to stay:

Where to eat: (Breakfast/Brunch)

  • Lost Dog – Located on Folly Beach, it is a perfect start to a day at the Beach! 
  • The Grocery – From Breakfast plates to Shrimp and Grits there is something for everyone at this Sunday Brunch. 
  • Early Bird Diner – Home of the country Southern breakfast this place is sure to hit the spot. 

Where to eat: (Lunch/Dinner)

  • Bowens Island Restaurant – A good end to a day at the Beach. 
  • The Glass Onion – An added bonus is that the restaurant supports local farmers and purveyors in almost every dish!
  • Husk – “If it’s not from the South it’s not coming through the door…” With a menu updated twice daily you’ll never get tired of eating here! 
  • Hominy Grill – Like their meals and want to take them home? Well you can purchase their cookbook here for just $12.95!
  • Butcher and Bee 

Where to eat: (Sweets)

What to Do:

3. Skiing


If you like to ski I hear that the places to go aren’t the obvious places like Breckenridge, CO. So I have listed out some “awesome” places to ski according to my ski loving people. (Personally I have never enjoyed the cold so I had to outsource to the experienced skier in my life.) But if you’re wanting to ski greens or blacks most of these places have you covered!

Whatever you decide to do just remember that you will only have as much fun as you allow yourself to have. Whether you go on a huge trip with friends or a weekend trip to a town 2 hours away, you always have the ability to have a good time, it just depends on your attitude! Happy trip planning!


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