Swimming with the Fishies | Our Trip to Cabo San Lucas

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Day 1: Well we headed out from Dallas Lovefield through Southwest! After a full day of traveling, airport lunch, and lots of peanuts and pretzels, we finally made it to our resort around 10 pm! See where we stayed here

Day 2: Sunday was full of relaxing by the pool and getting some much needed Vitamin D! For lunch we made sandwiches, and for dinner, my mom made her famous Shrimp Scampi. Shrimp Scampi is a tradition on our family beach vacations! (I’m working on getting the recipe from my mom so stay tuned for details on that!)

Day 3: Monday we laid by the pool in the morning time then we decided to go into the Marina at Cabo San Lucas and walk around all of the shops nearby! BTW the marina has lots of great places to eat. Our favorite place to eat is called The Office, so we went there that night. The food is amazing and all of the “big” kids and Harrison, my nephew, went out on a glass bottom boat to see the Sea Lions, Pelican Rock, and all of the beautiful rocks that Cabo is famous for! (Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, the Arch, etc.) The Office is located right on the beach next to Mango Deck is a great place to take the family for dinner! They even had beach toys for the kids to use to play with while we waited for food! To learn more about The Office click here. PS they I hear they make great Margaritas if that is your thing.

Day 4: Tuesday morning the “big” kids got to go riding on ATVs through the desert! It was so much fun! For anyone that is a thrill seeker but not the kind that jumps off cliffs, this is your kind of adventure! We got to make two stops during the trip and at the first one we stopped on the beach and watched the sting rays jump out of the water and took pictures, then the other stop we were able to learn about a few of the cactus species that Cabo has and the history of the people there that lived off the land. 10/10 highly recommend this excursion if you get bored of the beach! The people that we booked our ATV Tour are here. The rest of the day we stayed at the resort and took our beach family pictures which turned out beautiful!! (Shoutout to my sister in law Aftan McLain with McLain Photography for her skills!) This is the day that my cell phone decided to stop working which was sad, BUT it did give me a nice break for the rest of the trip!

Day 5: Wednesday was probably the most exciting day of the whole trip. WHALE WATCHING!! January is part of the whale season in Cabo San Lucas, it is also the mating season for them, which is something I didn’t know! We were able to go on a morning tour (Which I highly suggest, because the weather was perfect!) and they served us breakfast and refreshments on the boat. We were able to actually see a Humpback Whale jump completely out of the water flip over and dive back into the water!! It was like something you would see at Sea World, but it was in nature, and the whale did it completely voluntarily and was a healthy whale. ANYWAYS…. IT. WAS. AWESOME. My sister in law was able to get a picture and it was incredible. So if you get a chance go see the whales! 

Day 6: This was our last day in Cabo so we decided to soak up some last minute sun in the morning and mid afternoon, then that night we took a trip over to San Jose. On Thursday nights in San Jose the square, (called the square but looks like a giant circle) hosts local artists for an art night. The artists set up booths and sell their artwork to the public and there is music and dancing it was so cool to walk through. The energy of the people in Mexico was awesome for the most part everyone that we encountered on our trip seemed upbeat and happy! We also ate at a really good restaurant on the outskirts of the square that was walking distance, which was really really good!

This trip was important for us as a family because this is the first time in a while that all 9 of us were all able to go on vacation together! It was a fun trip that I can’t wait to do again next Winter Break! If you have any suggestions on any places that we should go, that is warm this time of year (we go South for Winter) leave a comment! I would love your feedback!

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