Study Abroad | Florence, Italy

Hey, guys! So remember in my New Year’s post I mentioned that I was studying abroad this summer? Well, here it is! I am going to Florence, Italy! I will be there for three weeks right at the beginning of the summer so stay tuned for daily blog posts and fun pictures of my adventures.

If you have any tips on things to pack that aren’t super obvious or local spots that I should stop in at let me know! I would love any and all suggestions! As of right now, I am going without knowing one soul on the trip, so be keeping me in your prayers I will make lots of new friends. Life is about new experiences and living outside the box, so I definitely think that I am on the right path to do that.

I will be posting some dates and things such as my packing list, luggage details, and all the things you should do before leaving for a study abroad trip so be on the lookout for that! I am so excited to have y’all on my journey with me! I hope you all are as excited about my adventures to come as I am!


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