Stitch Fix Review | The #1 Thing Every Busy Person Needs

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(Like my outfit that I basically live in every day in the pictures? Shop it here!)

This week I received my first Stitch Fix box! Much like Birch Box is for cosmetics, Stitch Fix is the same for men and women’s clothing! All you have to do is fill out a profile, choose how many times a year you want a package sent to you, I think the most frequent was once every month, and then you just wait for your stylist to send all kinds of pretty pieces your way!

I received my first package on a Friday, and I noticed right away that the packaging was just adorable and that if this was foreshadowing what was to come, it was going to be good! Then I opened the box and it was still just as cute, coordinating with the outside of the box!

The box had five pieces in it all in different price ranges, and included a style card of how you could style the pieces multiple ways for people that struggle to put outfits together! (AKA yours truly…)

Another thing that I loved about Stitch Fix was that if the items are out of your price range, or not exactly your style or fit that you prefer, you can send it back! You are not obligated to buy any of it! However there is a $20 styling fee, so if you don’t want any of the clothing you still have to pay the fee.

The items I got were a silver statement necklace, a gray cardigan, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a navy top, and a super cute cream lace top that would be perfect for spring!

I loved all of the pieces that they sent me, but unfortunately, right now I am looking for more springy colors as we start to transition into the Spring season! So I did not end up keeping any of the pieces, BUT I am confident that the next box will have exactly what I am looking for! The great thing was they hit the nail on the head as far as fit and what styles of clothing I like to wear in terms of shape! Being a 5’9″ girl with longer than average legs, it can be difficult to find clothes that are fitting in all the right places. So I would have to say I was thoroughly impressed with their styling abilities!

Want to try Stitch Fix? Click the picture below!


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