Go Red for Women Fashion Show and Luncheon

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Every year I volunteer model at the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women Fashion Show and Luncheon in NWA! I think this is my third year to participate and each year it gets better and better. The American Heart Association holds a special place in my heart because my great grandmother passed away from heart disease shortly before I  was born. I was the first girl on that side of the family, and I have always felt a sense of importance in living her legacy. SO, as part of that goal, I support the American Heart Association and their dedication to fighting heart disease and stroke, and funding that goes towards research, every year by modeling an outfit from the local sponsor boutique.

The local sponsor boutique this year is Skye on the Town, a super cute boutique located in Fayetteville, AR! I have been shopping here with my mom for years and we absolutely LOVE Kristi and her awesome team! From big events such as prom, banquets, and little events such as a first date, or going to class, Skye on the Town literally has everything you could ever need! If you have a chance go check them out!

WE support WEAR RED this Friday! #nwagored #americanheartassociation #wearredday

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This year, of course, was just as good as the years before, if not better. Miss America Savvy Shields was the keynote speaker, speaking about her platform Eat Better, Live Better! This year, I was blessed to be styled by the lovely ladies at Steam Roller Blues in Rogers, AR (they also have locations in Little Rock and Jonesboro), and I had a blast picking out the perfect outfit for this event! I usually just wear a red sweater or something along those lines, but this year I decided to be a little different and have fun with it! I love Steam Roller Blues because not only is the team super sweet but the style is unlike any other in NWA! Go check them out!

I am so happy that I am able to give back to an organization that does so much to make a difference in our world. I highly encourage everyone to pick an organization to support that is making a difference. Whether personally impacted by the issue that they are supporting, or if you are really passionate about a certain topic such as education, health, or children, get involved in making a difference. Logging service hours will not only be a great way to build a resume, but it will also do wonders for your soul. Giving back to something bigger than yourself feels good, no matter who you are.

Wanting to support the American Heart Association and their efforts in fighting heart disease and funding research? Click here to donate now! Remember you are never too old or young to start making a difference!


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