A College Girl Guide to Budgeting | A Free Budgeting Template


Lots of people know the stigma that most college kids are broke, although this is mostly true, you don’t have to always stay that way! Over the course of my college career I have managed to save a little money here and there, so I thought I would share an excel budget template that would help anyone wanting to save more! (The College Girl Budget Click the link to download for free.) Here is how it works:

At the beginning of each month, decide on a realistic goal for the amount of money that you are wanting to save, and then enter it into the blue area labeled “Savings Goal.” When I say realistic, I mean choose an amount based on the expenses you know you’re going to incur that month, versus what you think you will make and then decide! Then, go down to the pink “Monthly Budget,” section and enter the amount of money that you are setting aside for expenses that month.

The different expense categories are at the top of the column, when you spend money, whether it be cash or card, save the receipt and add it to the spreadsheet! DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE YELLOW CELLS! The yellow cells have formulas that will calculate how you are doing in terms of money left after you enter what you have spent, so if you enter in numbers into the yellow cells then you will lose the formulas.

What happens when you run out of rows in a column? All you have to do is go to the last cell that you entered an amount, right click it and choose the “Insert Row” Function! If you need more instructions on how to do this Microsoft provides step by step instructions on their website.

Have a job or get paid an allowance? Insert those amounts in the respective columns in the green area at the bottom of the sheet! From there they will be factored into your “Total Savings” for the month!

Each month I suggest starting a whole new worksheet and comparing it to the months before that way you are able to track your progress, and if you meet your savings goal for that month treat yourself to a Starbucks! It is okay to splurge every once in a while!

If you enjoyed this post but would like to see more templates in different colors and fonts let me know in the comments below! I would love to create some for you!



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