February Favorites



So this month was full of crazy events. My phone that the insurance company sent me failed. AKA the touchscreen literally stopped working SO your homegirl over here had to live in the stone age for a day while they sent me a new one. Upon receiving the new one I decided it was time for a phone case upgrade so I decided on this Kate Spade clear case to show off my rose gold colored phone. Isn’t it the cutest?! I also invested in a screen protector so hopefully, my clumsy self will break my phone less!


Okay so this isn’t something I tried this month, BUT this is the planner that I use! I get questions all the time about how I stay organized and everything, I mean EVERYTHING that is going on in my life is in this planner AND of course, it is all color coded with my felt tip pens 🙂 They even have a blog insert that you can add to the back and it is my baby! I plan out all my posts on it and brainstorm what I want to improve and such in this section and it keeps me not only organized but my juices flowin’!!


I have been in love with this candle for some time now but I have never found it in such a cute dainty size until now! I found this one at a local boutique called Maude (also check out their site they have amazing stuff!) So I was super pumped! This candle is the perfect size for decoration on a tray or even a shelf in a kitchen! They even come in cuter canisters which you can find here and here!


If you run, jump, dance, workout, or live, you have got to try out Ice Dancer!! This stuff is amazing! I recently sprained/broke/hurt my ankle and this gel made all the difference in the healing process! It is advertised to use on tired legs but I use it where ever I am sore from a workout the day before, or even if my back is aching during that awful tightness I get once a month! No matter what ache or pain you have, trust me it is amazing!


I have tried all kinds of dry shampoos. I normally use it with a texturizing spray to help my hair hold curl! (Since my hair is so fine it really helps.) This month I decided to venture out and try the cheap stuff and man am I glad I did!! Not only does it smell good but it works great and doesn’t gunk up my hair! Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! You can buy it here.


Texture spray is something that I honestly can’t live without! Want to make your tease stay without using stiffening hair spray? This will do the trick. Want to have a cute volumized ponytail that doesn’t fall within an hour? You guessed it this  Dry Texture Spray will do the trick! I tried out this brand this month and like everything, before it, I am absolutely in love! Wondering what other Texture Sprays I love? You can find my other favorite here!

I hope you enjoy all of these products as much as I did! If you try them out let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your experience! Check back next month for more of my favorite products!


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