February: Bucket List Recap

Wow, February really flew by!! The month of love (as I like to call it) was full of just that: lots and lots of love. This month I was able to cross off 5 things off my bucket list and I made great memories doing each one!

Go To A Concert:

Ryder and I were blessed with Tickets to the San Antonio Rodeo, and Chase Rice was performing here. It was such a great experience and we both has a blast! I am dying to go to another rodeo, the atmosphere was unlike any other!


Bless a Homeless Person:

Once every year I choose a homeless person to donate something too. This year it was a woman standing out near the road where you turned into Wal-Mart. She wasn’t much older than me and explained she was saving to one day get back on her feet and go to college. I am praying that one day all of her hard work pays off!

Valentine’s Day Cards for the VA:

The Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha (aka my sorority) does a sisterhood every year for valentine’s day where we make cards for our local VA hospital. This year I was able to get it on video! I love my sisterhood so much, I am so glad that I became apart of an organization that didn’t just talk the talk on philanthropy day during formal recruitment, but actually does believe that, “Love is the greatest of all things,” and that our service that we do in the community is far more important than any function or social event that we might have.


Crystal Bridges Museum:

Ryder and I one afternoon to escape campus, and the craziness of life, decided to visit the Crystal Bridges Art Museum! It was gorgeous and very well laid out. The art that I was interested in was the era of the 1950s and their contemporary art section. They also had a really cool piece that I inserted below that reminded me of the poem, “Grass,” by Carl Sandburg. Which is one of my favorite poems that we learned about my sophomore year of high school. If you get the chance to go explore Crystal Bridges I definitely suggest it!


Local Restaurant: Pica Taco

When we went to the rodeo in San Antonio we stayed with my boyfriend’s parents who live in New Braunfels but are originally from a smaller town near there…. SOOOOO they know all of these awesome hole in the walls to eat. This time we went to Pica Taco for breakfast tacos and they were so so good! Fresh tortillas and carbs are my love language so you know I was all about it.

I wasn’t able to cross much off my list, but I still feel like I made so many great memories last month! Hopefully this month will be full or more great ones!


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