Products I Love | What’s in My Makeup Bag

There are so so many great products out there to choose from, but I figured I would share some of what is in my makeup bag and my favorites so far this year! Some of these I have been using for a while and others I’ve only been using for a short time, but trust me all of them are equally my favorites!

Let’s Start With the Bases: 

img_0096 img_0097

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be having a problem with puffy dark circles under my eyes. I have tried all kinds of products but the duo above is the only thing that works!! Doing this twice a day (morning and night) is sure to help you out a ton! I saw results in just one week! Shop the products here and here

img_0100 img_0101

Now let’s talk foundation. I tan every once in a while to maintain some sort of color (YES I KNOW IT IS BAD FOR MY SKIN BUT IN EXCESS EVERYTHING IS BAD) which can dry out my skin sometimes but I am also oily some days. Either way this foundation in shade 27 Alabaster (N) is my go to foundation! Get the foundation here!


The next thing I use is a loose powder to lock my foundation. The shade that I use is 04 Transparency pictured above. I apply this powder with the Ecotools Full Powder Brush and I love the way that my skin looks after applying it. It just gives such a great finished look before I apply my blush, bronzer and highlighter. Get the powder here and the brush here.


The bronzer and highlighter that I use is the Ulta brand. I honestly could go a shade darker but this was the first time I had purchased it and I would rather have to use more than to not be able to use it at all! Shop this palette here.

img_0102 img_0103
img_0109 img_0110

For eye makeup, I have been loyal to these palettes for a while. I have had the Naked Palette #1 and this is #2 that I have now. Both of them are awesome and I highly recommend! Shop the palettes here and here. These are the eyelashes that I use for special occasions, and this is the eyeliner and brush that I use!

All of these products I absolutely love and I use on a daily basis! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below I would love to help you out with anything that I can!


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