My Favorite Hangout Spot |Slim Chickens Late Night

One of my favorites places to hang out in Fayetteville is the Slim Chickens porch! Normally on a sunny day, I like to just take my computer grab a cup of half lemonade and half raspberry tea and sit on the porch to work on my blog. It is so nice because they have free Wifi and it is a great way to get some fresh air!

After interning for Slim Chickens last summer I really fell in love with the company and the people that make Slims what it is. If you have never heard the story you can check it out on their site here. Learning what a company is truly about, makes it a no-brainer to support them in every way I can, including hanging out just for a drink. Besides having great people the stores always have a wonderful atmosphere that I really find easy to get my creative juices flowing in.

Another awesome thing about Slim Chickens is now they offer LATE NIGHT DRIVE-THRU!!! Probably the most amazing thing that they have done yet! Right now it is only in a handful of locations BUT if it works out there is a possibility they will implement it in other locations as well!

Next time you’re out an about on a pretty day be sure to check out their porch! I promise you won’t regret it!

Head over to my Instagram and enter in my giveaway for a $10 Slim Chickens Gift Card! The contest closes 3/17 so be sure to act fast!


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