Ruffle the Shoulder | The Perfect Errand Outfit


Does anyone else hate to run around town in just a t-shirt and Nike shorts? Cause, I really hate doing that. Yes, it is comfortable, but you never know when someone you know is around the corner at the supermarket!

Since I have come to college I have tried the whole no showering for two days that seems popular among freshman and I absolutely hated it. I can’t do that. I like to smell good and be clean!! Now, I usually have work after my class so that is even more of an incentive to get up and get ready so that when I have to go to work I’m not stressing about how I look. Another thing that I have adopted while in college is to dress well test well. If you dress for success, you will be more confident when the pressure is on you to choose the right answer!

Whether you’re hitting the books or running to the supermarket this outfit is perfect for both!

I am leaving for Spring Break today and I am headed to Austin, Texas! So follow me on Instagram for live updates of my trip and watch out for more blog posts! I am super excited!!


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