A Day in Gruene | Spring Break: Day 1

Top/ shorts/ shoes/earrings

Happy Spring Break everyone!! This year for Spring Break my friends and I decided to save money and make the most out of some home towns that a couple of the girls in the group grew up in! Yesterday we took the 9-10 hour drive to Austin from Fayetteville and then stayed with one of my friend’s parents houses and then today we went to explore Gruene!

Gruene, Texas is one of my absolute favorite places on Earth and I was extremely excited to visit again! It is such a cute little town with antique shops and boutiques all surrounding the one main building that is the dance hall called Gruene Hall! It is the oldest dance hall in Texas and it always has great live music on the weekends.

Today was full of adventures we started at one end of the town (it is walking distance from one side to the other) and walked our way through the market days, picked up iced coffees and awed at all of the beautiful furniture at the antique shop. Then out of no where I was standing in front of my boyfriend’s mom who had brought her family to visit Gruene too how crazy is that!? Such a small world!

We went to the Gristmill to eat an early dinner and enjoyed every second! It is such a great restaurant, then afterwards we went to the dance hall to see what we could see! Turns out the opener, Randall King, was doing a sound check so we got to meet him! It was so awesome and he was super nice, he even signed some free koozies and gave them to us! We were so excited, we even got a picture!

We ended the night at the 360 lookout in Austin and it was awesome! All in all today was a 10 out of 10. Hope everyone is having an awesome spring break! Check back tomorrow for more updates!


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