I Wanna Be A Rodeo Cowgirl | Spring Break:Day 2&3


This girl’s trip has continued to be all smiles! Sunday morning we attend one of my friend’s home churches in Austin then had an amazing brunch at Kerbey Lane Cafe, then spent the rest of the day in the car headed to meet up with our other friend at her house in Houston!

This was my first trip to Houston, besides all of the constant traffic, that seems to be everywhere, I have loved it! Yesterday, we went to a shopping center in Katy, then had Torchy’s Tacos (the best tacos north of the Mexico border), then headed back to the house to get ready for the rodeo!

If you read my first rodeo post, then you know I am in absolute love with the rodeo vibes and all of the events! I honestly really just want to be a rodeo cowgirl one day, I’ve decided that’s what I’m doing after college (sorry mom and dad lol). The Houston Rodeo was great the seats that we were in were a step below nosebleeds but the loaded baked potato I had definitely made up for it….. AND we got to see Florida Georgia Line perform after the rodeo! I have seen them live once before and loved it so I was super excited to see them again, now that they have more great songs. (Be on the lookout for a song called Smooth that they just came out with… calling it being their next hit!)

After the show, we got to walk around the carnival and just enjoy all of the lights, excitement, and all of the great smelling food! It was crazy how small all of the rides can make you feel, I felt like I was a little kid again!

Hopefully, I will get another blog post up sooner than I did this one for the rest of our girl’s trip. Be on the lookout later this week!

xo, lex


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