Shopping in Houston | Spring Break: Day 4

Yesterday was super lazy I slept in until probably 11:45 which hasn’t happened in YEARS!! But my friends were so sweet they know I never get more than like 6 hours of sleep a night so they were determined not to wake me up until the absolutely had to! (That’s when you know you have good friends)

After we finally got up and around we decided to do a little shopping at CityCentre in Houston! Since I am saving for my Italy trip in May I wasn’t going to buy anything, but I was happy to go along and give my friends the fitting room advice of what looked good and what didn’t!

For lunch, we stopped at a little place called Ruggles Green that was the absolute they had so many options for vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian it was great! If you are near one in the Houston area it is a must try!

Today we are headed back to Austin, so who knows what adventure awaits us! I can’t wait to share more pictures! Happy Hump Day everyone!!


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