Basically A Texan | The Last Few Days of Spring Break

The last few days of Spring Break were basically a whirlwind of activities! I went back to Austin for a night after a couple days in Houston, then I met up with my boyfriend in New Braunfels to spend the rest of the break with him and his family! Thursday was a day full of shopping at the outlets for him he hadn’t gone shopping for a while so we had to get him all ready for Spring! Then Friday we celebrated his birthday!

We ate at an amazing restaurant that night in Austin called Fonda San Miguel. It was unbelievably good! From the drinks to the dessert I wanted seconds of everything! The next day we went to a family friend’s river house, which is the equivalent to a lake house for everyone not from Texas… aka me, and we went “tubing.” Now, this tubing is not your regular pull behind a boat at 30 miles an hour situation, you literally rent an innertube like from the water parks and you float a completely natural river similar to the lazy river. It was so much fun! I will admit I was slightly terrified at first and I held onto Ryder’s shirt the whole time, BUT it was great!! I can’t wait to do it again soon!

After we turned the tubes back in we went to their family farm to go fishing! The last time I was at the farm I caught a huge fish on my first cast so I wanted to get out there and catch more! Sadly, nothing was biting for me, Ryder caught two smaller ones and I gave up after about two hours. But my grandfather always told me I wouldn’t have had the chance to catch anything unless I had gone so you always have to be glad you went! After we packed up the farm house we headed to dinner at the Ski Lodge on Lake McQueeney which was super cool. I have always enjoyed waterfront restaurants and this one was no different! The best part about the Ski Lodge is you can watch the Ski shows from the restaurant! So I’m excited to see that when we visit again!

Okay now here is the biggest thing I did all week….. I  WENT TO HEB!!!! Everyone has been raving about HEB forever and this Wal-Mart girl had to see what all of the buzz was about, and man am I jealous! I got my all time favorite homemade tortillas to bring back to Arkansas and I spent at least an hour and a half if not more in there and I loved every second.

Whatever you did this Spring Break I hope it was filled with great laughs, memories, and friends. If you need me I’ll be eating breakfast tacos on homemade tortillas because that is what makes me happy!




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