It’s April… Already???

My life is hectic. I am constantly busy, I’m one of those people, and I like it that way. Sometimes, I get almost zero sleep during the week, and other times I’m up before most roosters in the world are. Then other days I’m grabbing a pancake from the breakfast bar and eating it like a taco as I sprint walk to class, because I slept until 7:30 AM when I had an 8:00 AM. (No judging you need your breakfast no matter how you eat it!!) Time flys by in my planner and today as I saw what was in store for this week,  I realized that it is April. My junior year is over in about five weeks. I have still miles to go in saving money for my Italy trip. I have eight months until I graduate. (getting done early wooo!!) I still need to take my real estate exam to become licensed. I have a month and five days until I leave the country for three weeks.  I have to move before I leave, oh, and pack, and Easter is almost here!!

Basically, time has flown by this semester and I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Does anyone else get like that or is it just me? This past weekend passed way too quick, and I know this week will be doing the same thing. Though the great thing about being busy is that you are constantly making new memories, new friends, and exploring sights 5 minutes from your house that you take for granted. I think that is why I constantly stay busy. I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and I’m addicted to experiences. I am addicted to capturing my friends in their natural habitats, laughing at brunch. I am addicted to the thrill I get when the lighting hits just right through my camera lens, as I capture a new memory. I am addicted to editing 200 pictures then sending the link to all of the people I took a picture of, then seeing them all over Instagram. I am addicted to memories and to be honest, I can’t imagine a better thing to be addicted to.

The high I get from being busy is indescribable, I feel on top of the world and everyone I’m close to knows I couldn’t live any other way. It is just what makes me Lex. So if you ever happen to look at my planner and go ouch that looks rough, instead don’t instead ask if you can come along. I’m always looking for a friend to experience an adventure with!

Happy April Everyone!! Go make some memories!!




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