Colorful Camo | OOTD

TOP/bottom/purse (similar)/shoes

One thing that originally drew me to this top was the color. Camo print is making a comeback and I loved the way this shirt incorporated the colors of Spring and the print. I chose this outfit for a lazy day around town just because I wasn’t feeling up for being too fancy and the weather was super humid and hot! (Typical Arkansas)

To get the exact look call my girls over at Skye on the Town in Fayetteville, AR!

Just an update on what’s happening in my life! I am currently getting ready to travel to Memphis for my boyfriend’s fraternity formal! I can’t wait to show y’all what I’m wearing I absolutely love it! I am also slowly packing up my room to move out of the sorority house. This is fun and bittersweet I have lived there for the last two years which is one year more than most people live there, but I have made the greatest memories. We are currently going through a transition period as we get new furniture and our expansion of our house is being finished so walking around the house knowing that my room won’t be there anymore and that everything will change is a lot to take in.

Stay tuned for a post on the secrets of living in a sorority house!




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