Memphis Packing | Fraternity Formal Trip


Well, it is the most wonderful time of the year… Fraternity Formals! This year as I mentioned earlier this week we are headed to Memphis, TN. I have only been there once to visit the St. Jude’s Hospital when I was in high school so I am excited to go again and explore more of the things that Houston has to offer!

We have received a few tips on places to go and sites to see so Ryder and I are both excited! Then tomorrow night we will be headed to the venue where the formal will be held! Of course, I will have my camera with me all weekend so check out my Instagram and Snapchat for updates on what we are doing, then check back here next week for a blog review of Memphis!

The luggage that is linked is very similar to mine but mine is actually Jon Hart! Jon Hart is special ordered from their website or a retailer in your area. I got mine for graduation my senior year of high school and it was the absolute best money my parents ever spent! I use it for every weekend trip and they have held up so nicely!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! I can’t wait to show y’all my outfit for Saturday night!




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