What it’s Like Living With GERD

It’s 5:04 AM I should be sleeping, but instead, I’m wide awake fighting the urge to not be sick.

I have a test at 9:30 this morning and I haven’t slept at all. I had one cup of coffee with Almond Milk instead of regular milk and my body has decided that one cup was a cup too much. My body is hot and uncomfortable, my throat is raw, and I would kill to be able to just sit without the pain of someone stabbing me and my chest being on fire.

I was diagnosed with GERD my freshman year of college within the first week. It was stress induced… from recruitment… yeah you read that right. I stressed myself out so much that my symptoms of GERD that I had never been told that I had before flared up in a rage that had my throat so raw it hurt to swallow ice cold water.

The doctor prescribed me an over the counter medicine, that once I felt better, I stopped taking day to day, instead only as needed. (I know this isn’t what docs say to do but the stuff is expensive) I was given a strict diet of no acidity, which I waved off like it was just a suggestion, and began learning to listen to my body. Here are the things that I am still learning two years later.

Here are the things that I am still learning two years later.

  1. You really should look at what you put into your body.
  2. I will forever miss the taste of french fries, pizza, and fried chicken, and learning how to live without them is super hard.
  3. If I splurge on acidic food for one meal it better be worth it because the rest of the day will suck.
  4. The diet that the doctor gave me wasn’t really a suggestion.

My symptoms have gotten progressively worse over the years as I tried to splurge here and there. Now I do everything I can to not splurge. Spaghetti Sauce? Nope, not a chance. Oranges? Not unless it’s a cutie and I am in dire need of Vitamin C. Anything caffeinate? Coffee, tea, cokes? Not unless I’m desperate and tonight I was. But not desperate enough to endure this pain all night long.

Hopefully one day I will get more than just temporary relief from a chewy tums, hopefully, I’ll be able to go out with my friends without going home early from being sick. Hopefully, I’ll be able to eat all the foods that hate living without. But until then I am living with GERD and it’s not really that fun.


Row Date Night | Spring Romper OOTD


So every year the University of Arkansas Greek Life hosts basically a huge music festival called Row. Not sure about the history specifics but it has been around forever. Normally the Thursday before the event the fraternities will host a date night, which is when the members of the fraternity take a date to an event that normally has a smaller named artist perform at it! This year my boyfriend’s big and great grand big’s band performed at date night so it was super fun to listen to them do their thing! This coming Friday is the actual Row night and ILoveMakkonon is performing so stay tuned for my crazy row outfit!

If you’re local to Fayetteville, AR you can grab this look over at Skye on the Town off College Ave in Fayetteville! If not you can still check out their website here!

What to Wear to Row Week | Country Edition

With Spring upon us so is concert season!! I love concerts and I go to a lot of them, especially country, so I am always looking to mix it up a bit! These outfits are a great example of what to wear if you don’t want to wear just another sundress!

The thing that I always try to aim for when putting together a concert outfit is

  1. Comfort
  2. Mobility
  3. POCKETS!!!
  4. Unique

I feel like each of these outfits all fit the mold perfectly! Check out how you can get similar looks here!

Happy Concert Season! Let me know what fun concerts you’re going to this Spring!

It’s April… Already???

My life is hectic. I am constantly busy, I’m one of those people, and I like it that way. Sometimes, I get almost zero sleep during the week, and other times I’m up before most roosters in the world are. Then other days I’m grabbing a pancake from the breakfast bar and eating it like a taco as I sprint walk to class, because I slept until 7:30 AM when I had an 8:00 AM. (No judging you need your breakfast no matter how you eat it!!) Time flys by in my planner and today as I saw what was in store for this week,  I realized that it is April. My junior year is over in about five weeks. I have still miles to go in saving money for my Italy trip. I have eight months until I graduate. (getting done early wooo!!) I still need to take my real estate exam to become licensed. I have a month and five days until I leave the country for three weeks.  I have to move before I leave, oh, and pack, and Easter is almost here!!

Basically, time has flown by this semester and I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Does anyone else get like that or is it just me? This past weekend passed way too quick, and I know this week will be doing the same thing. Though the great thing about being busy is that you are constantly making new memories, new friends, and exploring sights 5 minutes from your house that you take for granted. I think that is why I constantly stay busy. I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and I’m addicted to experiences. I am addicted to capturing my friends in their natural habitats, laughing at brunch. I am addicted to the thrill I get when the lighting hits just right through my camera lens, as I capture a new memory. I am addicted to editing 200 pictures then sending the link to all of the people I took a picture of, then seeing them all over Instagram. I am addicted to memories and to be honest, I can’t imagine a better thing to be addicted to.

The high I get from being busy is indescribable, I feel on top of the world and everyone I’m close to knows I couldn’t live any other way. It is just what makes me Lex. So if you ever happen to look at my planner and go ouch that looks rough, instead don’t instead ask if you can come along. I’m always looking for a friend to experience an adventure with!

Happy April Everyone!! Go make some memories!!



What It’s Like To Work For Your Dad | The Inside Scoop To The Family Biz

Scott, Scotty, ELSM, Dude, Bossman, King of the House, Boss, Sir, Bowana, The Great White Hunter, he has had many names over the years, but at the end of the day, he has always been Daddy. I know what you’re thinking, working for my dad must be tough. Everyone knows that we are the same person and that we butt heads….often. He is a perfectionist, slightly OCD, a control freak in the weirdest ways, writes in all caps, and an engineer that always does things the most efficient form possible. (Not kidding you he cuts across lawns instead of using the sidewalk if it is a more direct path to get where he is going.) But this is what makes us such a great pair.

Why I stay.

I get him and he gets me. I know what makes him tick, and when he can’t seem to get his point across to anyone with his words, I’m his translator. See, I am his longest standing employee. I have been working with him since 8th grade, yes 8th grade. We have had our ups and downs, there have been tears on both ends, but at the end of the day, I have always stayed. I have always stayed because I’m a complete Daddy’s girl and everything he does and how he does it completely fascinates me.

one time I took a break. 

There was one time that I took the summer off to do an internship with a restaurant company to support my marketing major. It was a great experience. I wanted someone on my resume that just wasn’t my dad. He hated every second of it. Every time we talked he told me how much he needed me back. I spent the summer learning things I would have never learned without the internship, I accomplished what I set out to do. I experienced another company, but at the end of the day, I just wanted to work for my dad. So I went back. To very open arms I might add… and a stack of receipts waiting to be entered into Quickbooks.

why I went back.

You see the easiest answer is that he is my dad. Why wouldn’t I work want to work with him all day? But if you want the nitty gritty truth is that he was the first one to recognize my potential, and forced me to recognize it in myself. He was the first one to push me intellectually outside of a classroom setting. He is the best teacher I have ever had and still continues to be. He keeps it strictly professional during business hours, expecting nothing but professionalism from me even at the age of 13 as I sat in on City Planning Meetings. He has given me useful skills that I can roll over into my personal life. (Hello to filing taxes.) He knows when I’m having an off day and although he keeps it professional the second 5 rolls around he has a hug and a shoulder waiting. He is flexible with my schedule, and although hates it, doesn’t say anything when I come in with no makeup on after taking two finals and basically not sleeping for 36 hours. (Because he knows me being there is a miracle and he has to take it or leave it. LOL but really) He has given me opportunities to travel and meet the coolest people. He has demonstrated appropriately having religion in the workplace and credits everything he accomplishes to the man upstairs. He has shown me that raising a family, having a healthy marriage, and a successful career is something that actually is attainable. He taught me that although I have awful timing sometimes that I do have a voice that is worth being heard. He taught me that I am more than what he would call a “pretty face,” but that I have a brain and that is my most powerful weapon. Most importantly, he has taught me to never give up.

If you ever wonder what it is like to work for my Daddy, Scott McLain, Commercial Property Developer, it is freaking awesome. Yes, sometimes we turn red in the face and want to strangle each other across the conference room table. Sometimes his OCD and my OCD don’t match up and he drives me crazy. Sometimes momma has to separate us or put a no work zone on the dinner table, but working for Scott is pretty darn cool, and the paycheck isn’t half bad either. The biggest favor my dad ever did for me besides loving me, my mom, and brothers the way he does, was employing me as his Administrative Assistant.

Thanks Daddy for everything you do and the lady that you have encouraged me to be each and every day, I’ll see you at the office in a little while!



Shop Your Heart Out | Spring Looks I’m Loving Right Now


Okay so as everyone knows I am addicted to online shopping, but lately I have done more browsing than buying since I am trying to save for my Study Abroad Trip to Italy. (You can read more about it here!) But I thought I would share my latest finds that I have in my shopping cart and that I am dying to buy!

  1. Off the Shoulder One Piece: This one piece is such a classic and if you are like me sometimes you like to give your body a break from the harsh sun rays. This swimsuit is perfect! Also, the ruffles are timeless. You could have this swimsuit for years and it would never go out of style.
  2. Pom Pom Beach Tote: Whether at the beach or the local farmer’s market this tote is such a fun accessory! The colors are bright and perfect to bring that added pop to your Saturday errand outfit!
  3. Basic V-Neck Tee: The V-Neck tee is always a staple for a Spring/ Summer wardrobe. Throw it on with boyfriend jeans and a cute pair of sandals and you have the perfect errand outfit! On top of the convenience, they are super comfortable!
  4. Pink Bauble Earrings: Statement earrings are always great to add a pop of color to a simple outfit or to the sundress that just needs a little extra something. This pair is not only cute but a wonderful hot pink that is sure to catch everyone’s eye!
  5. Light Blue Lace Dress: This dress is perfect for Easter Weekend! With the lace detail not being too small it doesn’t give the look of your Grandmother’s curtains, but a look of elegance. The blue is a perfect pastel for Spring and would be functional enough for an Easter egg hunt!
  6. Tory Burch Shoulder Bag: I am always looking for a shoulder bag that I would be able to carry on days that don’t require my bigger bag. This handbag by Tory Burch would be perfect for busy weekend shopping trips or even if you prefer a more functional look when it comes to purses! Added bonus: the color is adorable for Spring and would go with everything!
  7. Bright-Colored Clutch: I found this clutch and I immediately fell in love with the bright details and embellishments! When I saw it I thought about how great it would be for dinner on vacation or even date night during the summer paired with a white sundress!
  8. Bow Wedges: I am in love with everything bows lately, (If anyone finds out why I’m so obsessed LMK) and the word on the block is all Marc Fisher wedges are super comfortable! This is at the top of my shoes to get list and the picture alone can explain why! THEY ARE JUST SO DARN CUTE!!
  9. One Shoulder Tropical Top: I love the beachy look that is in style right now! Resort wear just gives you the feel goods inside because even if you aren’t at the beach you feel just as if you are! This top is super cute and really flattering! Check it out!
  10. Rocker Belt: This belt is great to pair with black denim and a cute top for a night on the town! I’m really digging the double buckle situation it has going on, plus it adds a little edge to your outfit without being overboard!
  11. Floral Maxi: Some people say that they hate wearing dresses, but I am definitely not that girl. I love wearing dresses because they just feel so free and aren’t restricting like the waistband of denim can be. I am in love with this maxi because not only would it keep me from having to wiggle into jeans that day, but it has a slit that is in the perfect spot and it is off the shoulders which give it the perfect summer look!
  12. Pom Pom Sandals: These slip on sandals are perfect because they incorporate so many colors that it makes it almost impossible to find something that they don’t go with! I love sandals like this because they are so convenient and they dress up any kind of outfit you might have on!
  13. Billy Joel Tee: I love rocker tees! Paired with some jeans and a cardigan for a crisp spring errand day or pair with a skirt and some platform sandals for a night on Dickson! They just work so many ways!
  14. Boyfriend Shorts: Can anyone say COMFY?!! I basically live in boyfriend jean shorts in the summer time! So much that I basically get a new pair every year because they are so worn by the end of the season!
  15. Bow Slide Ons: Don’t these just have the look of the best mix of comfort and cute?! I seriously can’t wait to order these for my trip to Italy!
  16. Tassel Heels and 17. Free People Heels: Want a nude summer heel but don’t want it to be just like all the others you see? Both are perfect for that! Free People shoes are so well made they usually last forever if you take care of them, and they could be used to transition into fall!
  17.  Bow Off The Shoulder Dress: Another Easter dress option! I wish Easter was a whole week long because I just have too many dresses to choose from.
  18. Tassel Earrings: Statement earrings are making a comeback and I’m not upset about it at all! The best part is all of them are cute and come in a variety of colors! So be sure to go pick you up some before it is too late! These sell fast!


Basically A Texan | The Last Few Days of Spring Break

The last few days of Spring Break were basically a whirlwind of activities! I went back to Austin for a night after a couple days in Houston, then I met up with my boyfriend in New Braunfels to spend the rest of the break with him and his family! Thursday was a day full of shopping at the outlets for him he hadn’t gone shopping for a while so we had to get him all ready for Spring! Then Friday we celebrated his birthday!

We ate at an amazing restaurant that night in Austin called Fonda San Miguel. It was unbelievably good! From the drinks to the dessert I wanted seconds of everything! The next day we went to a family friend’s river house, which is the equivalent to a lake house for everyone not from Texas… aka me, and we went “tubing.” Now, this tubing is not your regular pull behind a boat at 30 miles an hour situation, you literally rent an innertube like from the water parks and you float a completely natural river similar to the lazy river. It was so much fun! I will admit I was slightly terrified at first and I held onto Ryder’s shirt the whole time, BUT it was great!! I can’t wait to do it again soon!

After we turned the tubes back in we went to their family farm to go fishing! The last time I was at the farm I caught a huge fish on my first cast so I wanted to get out there and catch more! Sadly, nothing was biting for me, Ryder caught two smaller ones and I gave up after about two hours. But my grandfather always told me I wouldn’t have had the chance to catch anything unless I had gone so you always have to be glad you went! After we packed up the farm house we headed to dinner at the Ski Lodge on Lake McQueeney which was super cool. I have always enjoyed waterfront restaurants and this one was no different! The best part about the Ski Lodge is you can watch the Ski shows from the restaurant! So I’m excited to see that when we visit again!

Okay now here is the biggest thing I did all week….. I  WENT TO HEB!!!! Everyone has been raving about HEB forever and this Wal-Mart girl had to see what all of the buzz was about, and man am I jealous! I got my all time favorite homemade tortillas to bring back to Arkansas and I spent at least an hour and a half if not more in there and I loved every second.

Whatever you did this Spring Break I hope it was filled with great laughs, memories, and friends. If you need me I’ll be eating breakfast tacos on homemade tortillas because that is what makes me happy!